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The General Cultural Affairs House
The General Cultural Affairs House, which is the largest publishing house in Iraq.
This house was established in 1975 when it was called (Dar Afaq Arabiya for Press and Publishing) and it works to publish the magazine (Afaq Arabiya) and on 1/2/1986 it was named (Dar of General Cultural Affairs).
It is a self-financed cultural house with a legal personality, with its main headquarters in Baghdad. And its headquarters had a distinctive mark in the art of Arab and Islamic construction.
  -Its goals are to deepen knowledge and support culture by adopting and publishing books, disseminating, and facilitating general culture, encouraging literary talent, and caring for heritage and literary affairs.
-Issuing magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and series.
  -Sponsoring Iraqi and Arab writers and authors and encouraging their production.
-Owning the copyrights and translation rights and is concerned with publishing translations of foreign books of all specializations, whether research or creative.
The publishing house is keen to advance the Iraqi cultural reality and communicate with the Arab and international cultural activity, as the publishing house offers a number of series that covers wide areas of cultural production of all kinds, creativity, authorship and translation, as follows:
1. The series (New Academics): - is concerned with publishing pioneering books that constitute an important turning point in various fields of knowledge produced by an academic thought that refuses to be a reference that performs the function of explanation and commentary only, but extends its hands to the horizons of the foundation to be a source from which the incoming.
2. The series (fingerprints): - It is concerned with the first publication of creative people, especially of young talents and energies who issue books for the first time, in the fields of creativity and knowledge in the field of literature exclusively.
3. The series (Manabea): - concerned with the issuance of heritage and biography books, and the principle of commissioning is adopted for prominent writers who have the ability to write and edit this field
4.  (Studies) series: - concerned with publishing studies in various humanitarian fields in the context of diverse cultures in an attempt to reveal important topics in areas that deserve to be examined and considered in the light of modern ideas.
5. The series (Wafa)- Fulfillment-: - a cultural memory that celebrates the late creators and their creative achievement and their effects in building Iraqi culture since the seventies of the last century until now, and this series has witnessed the documentation of the cultural achievement of Iraqi's creators in various fields of creativity, thought and literature.
6. (Theatre) series: - concerned with publishing theatrical creativity.
7. (Poets) series: - concerned with publishing the poetic output of our poets and creators.
8. Cultural Encyclopedia Series: - concerned with the publication of cultural output in all its literary, artistic, cultural and scientific disciplines.
9.Iraqi Cities Series: - concerned with publishing books of Iraqi municipalities and places, and defining the geography of the Iraqi man and his society
10.Science and monument series: - A series concerned with publishing a book that is considered a distinctive cultural monument of one of the flags of Iraqi culture.
11. Dictionaries, Catalogues and Heritage Treasury Series: - A series concerned with publishing heritage and verified products from the mothers of books and manuscripts
12.Communication Series: - A series that embodies the House's strategy in its new transformation and its serious journey in opening up to the outlets of Iraqi creativity, in coordination with the branches of the General Union of Writers and Writers, universities, cultural forums and intellectuals, individuals and institutions.
13.Tarjuman Series- Translation-: - A series concerned with publishing translations of foreign books of all specialities, whether research or creative.
14. (Poetry) series: It is concerned with publishing poetic creativity.
15.Narrative Series: - It is concerned with publishing narrative creativity (story, novel).
16.Tolerance Series - a series that is the equivalent of the extremist writings that are popular in the Iraqi book market.
17.Philosophical Studies Series (Philosophies): - It is concerned with publishing international and Iraqi philosophical works.
18.Criticism Series: The series is concerned with publishing modern and old critical works.
19.Return of the Text Series: A series that deals with the cultural production printed outside Iraq to be printed inside Iraq.
The magazines
-Al Mawrid Magazine (Resource Magazine)
It is concerned with publishing research interested in Arabic heritage: Research, investigation and translation, publishing indexes of manuscript cabinets, bibliographies and reviews, critiquing edited heritage books, and displaying rare manuscripts.
  • Foreign Culture Magazine
It is concerned with international culture.
 -AL’AQLAM (Pens) Magazine
It's all about culture and modern literature.
  • Folklore Heritage Magazine
Specialized in folklore and folkloric studies.
  • المعرض الدائم في بابل / كلية الفنون الجميلة في بابل
  • المعرض الدائم في واسط / جامعة واسط
  • المعرض الدائم في كربلاء / البيت الثقافي في كربلاء
  • المعرض الدائم في البصرة / البيت الثقافي في البصرة
  • المعرض الدائم في تكريت / جامعة تكريت
  • المعرض الدائم في الفلوجة / البيت الثقافي في الفلوجة
  • المعرض الدار الدائم في الديوانية
  • المعرض الدار الدائم في ذي قار